Petri is a new content-management system created by Eager Amoeba®, hoping to bridge the gap between developers and customers whilst limiting developers as little as possible.

It's intended as a baseline for both websites and web-based databases.

Who is this available to?

If you are about to buy a website from Eager Amoeba® or have done in the past, your website will include the current implementation of Petri. If you have a maintenance contract with us, you will be eligible for free updates to Petri until your maintenance contract ends.

If you are interested in using Petri as a web developer, we can set you up a product demo and work out a licensing cost to suit your needs.


Petri is intended as an add-on for your current website. It will enable you to make edits to your websites content easily and intuitively. This is enabled through various tools, such as the 'live-editor' which lets you make changes to a pages content within a live preview.

Scroll down to the features list to learn more about what Petri offers.


Petri is intended as a companion to your current coding practices and development environment. As opposed to building a website/database around a CMS, Petri allows you to build the website and add one in later. This allows custom systems and websites to be created without the need to learn any extra APIs or change the way you work.

Petri isn't a 'one-stop shop' like services such as Wordpress or Joomla. It is intended for serious developers, who have a wide knowledge of building websites from the ground up and enjoy doing things themselves. It doesn't do everything for you, instead it creates a way for clients and developers to make edits to a websites/databases content, without the need to fire up Filezilla or phpmyadmin!

A good example of the uses Petri has is our recent work on a Bus Priority Database. We used Petri's user system to beef up the back-end security. We didn't require extra modification to the system, we just extracted Petri into the correct folder, referenced the code within our database and used the relevant functions! The added bonus being we can use Petri to manage menus and pages within the database in the future.

What features does Petri currently offer?

Petri is currently still in the ALPHA phase of development (and it's second iteration), so this list of features will grow along with it's development.

Petri currently offers:

-Secure login and back-end systems, no SQL injection allowed here!
-Intuitive rich-text editor, allows you to edit each page live.
-Ability to copy text and formatting (not images, yet) directly from Microsoft Word or OpenOffice into the rich-text editor.
-Image uploading and gallery system, this automatically creates several different version of your image that are compressed properly for the web.
-Blog system with facebook comments integration.
-Create custom menu systems easily, developers can set HTML wrappers within the CMS themselves. This also includes the ability to add custom variables to the HTML, allowing for automated javascript menu-systems.
-A simple view-counter for the site.
-Infinite amount of sub-menus!
-User management.
-Extensive user permissions system.

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